November 18

Hair by Ashlee`s Hair Myths - Debunked!

Navigating yourself through a world of hair truths and myths can be daunting! Check out the most frequent myths I come across on a daily basis as a stylist.

Hair by Ashlee`s Hair Myths - Debunked!!

Myth: Regular ‘trims’ makes hair grow faster.

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May 14

Wedding Season Is Here!

Choosing a hair dresser for your wedding day is often a top priority for bride’s (and mothers!) alike.  After months, or years of planning and constant decision making, why not take some of the pressure off by selecting the perfect stylist for the big day?  Here are HairbyAshlee’s top three things to think about when choosing a hair dresser for your wedding day.


Begin to think about who will need their hair styled for your wedding.  To ensure your pics are perfect, and in line with “your vision,” take a final count.  Don’t forget the mothers…!  They will appreciate the grand gesture, and won’t soon forget your willingness to include them in the festivities (which will go a long way!). 

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December 16

Ashlee`s Stocking Stuffers for the Hair Lover on Your List!

With 8 days until Christmas, the final rush has begun! Looking for a perfect stocking stuffer? Look no further! Here are HairbyAshlee’s top five gifts for the hair lover on your list!

1. Oribe Dry Texture Spray – This invisible dry hair spray builds incredible volume and sexy texture. Shake and spray where you want volume, a perfect alternative to dry shampoo. The purse size – under $20!

2. Kevin Murphy’s COLOR.BUGs – The ultimate stocking stuffer for anyone on your list! Washable colours that wipe on and wipe off when needed. They come in blue, pink, gold, silver, orange, white, neon and purple. All are under $25!

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September 10, 2013

Are You Fall Ready?

Get fall ready with a few tips from a professional!

A good haircut... Remove all of the sun and saltwater damage from your ends with more than just a little trim! For those trying to grow out their hair, there is a way to achieve this fresh fall look without feeling that you`ve lost the length you have worked so hard for.

Tone down your colour! For blondes, add a few low lights or just tone your ‘summer blonde’ colour with a toner. This way you can be a fabulous blonde all year without feeling bleached out! This process will also bring a lot of shine back to your hair so don’t be afraid, give it a try. For the ‘non blondes’ a little pick-me-up of your colour or a toner will take away any warm tones that occured over the summer and will give you that much needed shine.

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June 7, 2013

Ashlee`s Summer Must Haves!

Well…June has arrived and summer is so close I can taste it! As you start to plan those BBQs, beach days, weddings and weekend getaways, I thought I would share my top five products you should stock up on as we approach my favourite season! From shampoos to sprays, there is something on this list for everyone! Take a peek and let me know what you think!

1. PUREOLOGY Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner – gently cleanse without affecting your colour. Get a rich lather with this sulfate free formula, perfect for any hair type! This refreshing product will leave your scalp feeling fresh and tingly!

2. ORIBE Dry Texture Spray – this invisible dry spray will give you bigger, better hair – absorbing oil at the roots, providing volume and sheen. No time to wash your hair? A few quick sprays will keep everyone guessing!

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April 5, 2013

Ashlee`s Top 5 Picks to Move Into Spring!

Well, we are finally out of the dregs of winter… Spring has sprung, and life has returned! How is your hair looking ladies?!

If you’re feeling the way I am, your hair is dry, coarse and a little flat! Here are Hair by Ashlee’s top five products that will put that bounce back in your step. All are sure to bring back that shine and softness everyone craves over the long winter season.

1. Kevin Murphy’s BORN.AGAIN.MASQUE – repairs damaged hair, provides nutrition and builds strength.

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March 13, 2013


After speaking to some of my clients, I found that most women in the working world yearn for outrageous hair colours! Who ever said pinks, blues and purples were “unprofessional.” Well, it seems to be a theme in the typical 9-5 office environment.

As a stylist, I don’t think one should stick to the same look… A girl could get bored! And so my search began for the perfect temporary hair colour to make their dreams a reality.

After much thought, and quite a few “test bunnies” I found Kevin Murphy’s COLOR.BUG. Kevin also found it difficult to achieve a classic look with a pop of colour all on a temporary basis. Crazy colours were all the rage on runways around the world, but he couldn’t justify colouring his model’s hair every time he needed a pop of blue or orange. Kevin wanted to put the colour on, and just as easily, take it off, avoiding hair damage and discolouration.

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November 14

Great Lengths

Through every hair era, there is one thing that has always been desired by most... "BIG hair" !! There is no better time to have BIG hair than the present!

Now... To have big hair is to have longer, fuller, shinier hair. BIG hair no longer means a crazy spiral perm or a teased up roller set laquered in spray. It truly defines your look, and will take you to that next level! Your hair will be the best it can be with two fabulous words.. Great Lengths!

Great Lengths are an amazing hair extension that utilizes only "Remy" hair. If your in the market for extensions, you should be looking for this type of hair. It`s the only kind that has all the cuticle layers facing in the same direction from root to end. This way, the hair does not tangle like other extensions and feels and looks extremely natural. When compared to other extensions, Great Lengths colour process, method of bonding and overall quality is among the best in the world! Great Lengths have always been my favourite and the best, in my opinion!

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